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Our lending partners will be more than pleased to offer you a personal loan for your urgent upfront needs. At DFS India, you can opt for online personal loans or loans offline when you need money for expenses

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Interest on Personal Loan depends on various factors such as CIBIL score, Repayment History, Principal amount, Tenure.

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    Fill out your details by entering your details. Our user-friendly process makes it easy and convenient for you.

    Once your application is received, our financial experts get in touch with you to equip you with sound knowledge of the process and how we function.

    Receive process training from our top financial experts who buff you in improving your skills and expertise.

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    About our Channel Partner

    Ruloans is an innovative one-stop-shop for all your financial needs, including Home Loans, Personal Loans, Credit Cards, Business Loans, Balance Transfers and more.

    With a PAN India presence across 1600+ cities, Ruloans is one of the leading credit lending establishments founded by professionals and financial experts who with an experience of 20+ years have created a rich profile of satisfying the needs of more than 10 lakhs+ clients. Our internally developed highly proficient Loan Calculator algorithm helps us serve you the best options and deals for the loan/financial product of your choice. Our algorithmic engines help you by using strong factual data made from relative latest changes in the market and a calculated understanding of the future trends.

    Connect with us to help you take your financial decisions right and smart.

    How to apply for a Personal Loan

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    We support our customers in achieving their desired outcomes.

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    Different Types of Credit Cards Offered by DFS India

    DFS India offers a selection of credit cards in association with Partner Banks and NBFCs to suit individual profiles based on requirements. Each partner financial institution issues credit cards based on eligibility criteria that differ. Here are the generic few of those prescribed criteria, which you need to fulfil before issuing your choice of credit card.

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    Our mission

    A cutting-edge one-stop shop for all your financial needs, Diksha Financial Service India offers home loans, personal loans, credit cards, business loans, balance transfers, and more.
    Diksha Financial Service India is one of the top credit lending institutions in India with a presence in more than 100 cities and a PAN India footprint. It was founded by professionals and financial experts with over 25 years of experience who have built a strong portfolio of satisfying the needs of more than 10 lakh+ clients. We are able to provide you with the finest possibilities and prices for the loan or financial product of your choosing thanks to our in-house created, highly effective Loan Calculator algorithm. Our algorithmic engines assist you by employing solid factual information derived from recent market events and a determined comprehension of anticipated future patterns.

    Connect with us so we can assist you in making wise and informed financial decisions.

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    We have achieved widespread acclaim throughout India thanks to our unwavering commitment and tireless efforts to address all of your financial concerns.

    • Assess Lenders
      With a comprehensive list of more than 100 partnered Banks & NBFCs, you may compare and select your lender.
    • fastest method
      Our clients receive rapid and uncomplicated disbursements because to our simple application process.
    • Expert Direction
      Our highly experienced financial professionals help you borrow wisely.

    What Customers Have to Say

    I sincerely appreciate all of your kind efforts in assisting me in obtaining a Personal Loan from HDFC Bank through Diksha Financial Service India. Dealing with you was a very amazing experience. Your commitment and diligent effort made the entire process go more smoothly.

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